Online Job Simulation Future Career Trial
1.Provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to get to know various types of activities and companies using a simulation (a virtual career in several companies).

2.To use the platform and set of simulations in different courses.

3.Provide the possibility to organize for student practical and independent learning using a "Future Career Trial" platform in an online format.

4.Implement new formats to the classroom and extracurricular learning to foster student's universal, general professional and professional skills.

5.Demonstrate the fundamental structure of activities and types of companies to increase the awareness for undergraduate students when choosing a career.

6.Provide the possibility to collect and analyze the students' results in a simulation to recommend them their skills matrix that will allow ensuring the adaptability of professional tasks offered to the students within the simulator, to conduct self-diagnostics and to form a plan for development.
List of the companies presented in the simulation
(game locations)
The Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation
Non-governmental organization
Research Institute
University (college)
State manufacturing enterprise
City administration
Trade Company
Marketing agency (advertisement agency)
HR Company
Construction Company
Medical center
IT companies
Trade and Service Company
Tax office
Commercial Bank
Trading exchange
Insurance Company
Leasing company
Investment Fund
Credit rating agency
Auditing Company
Consulting firm
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